Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Perhaps an explanation,
"...homophobia is just a propaganda word that gay activists use to ward off attack. It’s an epithet, a scare word that activists use to silence anyone who does not automatically accept the“normalcy” of same-sex sex. They make it sound like a disease, and it’s an effective defense strategy. If leaders of the gay rights movement can put that handle on anyone who has reasonable reservations about the gay political agenda, then they will turn the tables on critics of the movement......
The successful use of certain words, like homophobia, to advance the gay activist propaganda machine, is a triumph that many ad men would envy. But I think gay activists do this quite unwittingly.
The dynamics are clear. Once they realized, as little boys, that they were different, and that they could expect a certain amount of razzing, if not persecution, for being different, they learned to fear, even hate, their tormentors. Then, such is our human propensity to think good of ourselves, they rejected the notion that they could hate anyone. “We don’t hate the straight guys,” they said. And they turned it around,and settled on the notion that the straight guys hated them. They projected their hatred on to the heteroworld, and blamed the hetero world for hating them."
(Homosexuality, A Freedom Too Far
By Charles W. Socarides M.D.
(Adam Margrave Books) (1995) :37)