Saturday, March 05, 2005


"Examined differences between 7,076 heterosexually and homosexually active adults (aged 18-64 yrs) in 12-mo and lifetime prevalence of mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Data were collected via the Composite International Diagnostic Interview. Among Ss who could be classified, 2.8% of 2878 men and 1.4% of 3120 women had had same-sex partners. Psychiatric disorders were more prevalent among homosexually active people compared with their heterosexual counterparts. Homosexual men had a higher 12-mo prevalence of mood disorders and anxiety disorders than did heterosexual men, while homosexual women had a higher 12-mo prevalence of substance use disorders than did heterosexual women. Lifetime prevalence rates reflected identical differences, except for mood disorders, which were more frequently observed in homosexual than in heterosexual females. Results suggest that people with same-sex sexual behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders."
(Same-sex sexual behavior and psychiatric disorders:
Findings from the Netherlands mental health survey and incidence study (NEMESIS)
By Sandfort, Theo G.M.; de Graff, Ron; Bijl, Rob V.; Schnabel, Paul
Utrecht U, Dept of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht, Netherlands
Archives of General Psychiatry. Vol 58(1), Jan 2001, pp. 85-91)

An interesting note, places like the Netherlands and Canada are more tolerant, with speech being policed and all. Yet some patterns of disorder and dysfunction hold, as there are some very basic dysfunctions involved that are more than just societal...all the talk of intolerance, tolerance or no. As I look into this issue based on what a sound argument may be as well as facts, logic and evidence, it seems to become apparent why pro-gay researchers try to make claims about "ignorance" so much.