Sunday, February 27, 2005

That is ironic.

This fellow who censors, criticizing censorship.

"The faculty senate resolution calls on the university to "develop clear policies restricting any behavior which demeans or reduces an individual based on group affiliation or personal characteristics." This vague demand for censorship did not receive a single no vote. Read that again. In a university, an institution specifically designed for the free exchange of ideas, not one member of the faculty senate thought it would be a bad idea to restrict any speech that they viewed as "demeaning" or "reducing" an individual based on "group affiliation of personal characteristics." By this vague language, anything anyone finds insulting could be restricted."
Dispatches from the Culture Wars

He is the same fellow who begins the Kulture Kampf typical to social Leftists and then just cannot stand the war. Ironically, on his blog his own "vague demand for censorship" failed to receive a single no vote among social Leftists. Read that again. On a political blog, something specifically designed for a free exchange of ideas, not one social Leftist thought that censorship was a bad idea. Duh. That seems to be the way they are. As history shows, when they get into a position of power, a totalitarian sort of censorship seems almost certain to follow. On his own blog that patterns holds.

Why is this fellow surprised at Leftists? It is his own pattern too. I would cite his equally vague "reasons" for his own censorship, but why bother. It is quite ironic. Apparently he has his own push button issues that he becomes a censorious bigot on, just as they do. I choose that term carefully, as he seemed to be seeking to protect his own ignorance on a social issue.

(A note of update, I criticize his social Leftism and radical egalitarianism. I have not attempted to say anything about his fiscal views. On that, I would only note that the fiscal is an element of the social. There is not as much a difference between the two as one may think.)