Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yeah, yeah...

"You know it's amazing. This person isn't the only one who is still citing this dated figure. Robert Knight cited it a few years ago during the Boy Scouts v. Dale case, right before Bryant Gumbel called him a "f--king idiot.""

They cannot overlook the pattern of evidence based on one dated figure. (With respect to the short life-expectancy of gay men.)

That Dale v. Boy Scouts case was one of the most patently absurd cases ever brought. For some reason the social Leftists just do not get it. Yes, if you put yourself on the side of sexual perversions mixed with judicial diktats vs. the Boy Scouts then you are going to lose elections. Yeah, surprising, yet true!

As to the figure, I can most likely update that figure. But it doesn't matter given that the social Left are some of the most censorious bigots these days. I have little use for an issue that they keep pounding their heads against an electoral wall on.

It might be interesting to discuss some of the merits, etc., in passing, politically it seems to be done. This fellow running a blog on the Kulture Kampf of the cultural left may as well give it up. Indeed, in the usual pattern of censorship, he already did give up. And now they write about their little "studies" and things that no one is there to answer, as if that proves something after censoring any opposition.

You may as well use a self-selected sample of wealthy lesbians compared to single mothers to argue that "homo"sexuality is "no different" than "hetero"sexuality. Wait a minute....they already did that. I wonder, do these little fellas even understand that the sexes are "different?"