Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here's what this blog is for....

To go around Leftist censorship....

From here:

Yet another example of a sterling answer to a simple description of religious left and the social left, i.e. radical egalitarians.

"Sorry for the blatantly off-topic comments."

Interesting to note that you certainly will not be censored, no matter what type of personal attacks you settle on. No, as the sniveling of the "It makes me sick." walk out proves on the topic at hand, there is something more visceral at issue. It seems that radical egalitarians are going with their feeelings, all the time. They do not see what they are saying. Frankly, those here seem rather illiterate and intent on being politically correct instead of textually correct.

As I noted at the top, all any scholar has to do is say, "I'm looking past our typical presumption of radical egalitarianism to seek the truth." And at that point, he will be attacked, censored, walked out on, or there will be a series of inane comments written by mental retards. And the legal scholars so concerned with any "chilling effect" on free speech and the like in other contexts, where are they?

Perhaps they are too busy defending pedophiles and pornographers. That is the "speech" they protect.