Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Left tries to speak....

From the guy who feels he is waging a culture war, "Here's the arch-moron mynym's latest response to me, wherein he still is too stupid to understand the difference between a public form and a private one."

I never made a legal case about the supposedly public nature of his forums, etc. This is nothing. He's going on tangents about his precious privacy after he writes ignorant and stupid things on the internet (of all places) and then censoring because things like the complementarity of the sexes are all too obvious. What I wrote can be proven, his memes and prejudices based on how nice he feels that Gays© are cannot be. But behold the power of some pseudo-religoius Gay© witnessing and proselytizing, it is rather amazing. I mean, I know some nice Christians but that does not mean I agree with every public policy they may want. Nor would I support something that went against the general welfare just because there were some nice Christians who wanted it. But with the Gays©, their modern saints, social Leftists seem to make exceptions on everything and for everything. This fellow seems to be no exception.

"I'm not going to bother with a line by line refutation of it."

Of course not....

Because, for one thing, you can't. That is why another fellow changed the lines with an odd sort of editing job instead of attempting to refute them. And he also fails to argue the validity of the complementarity of the sexes, yet then acts as if it is not valid. The Yin and the Yang and so on are at the foundation of what I am writing about marriage and SSM. His failure and your failure are telling. It's little wonder that so many are voting against the social Left.

"If you feel like it, go there and pick out all the logical fallacies yourself."

A lot of claims have been made by the Left, not much proof, other than manufacturing some total non-issue about private and public....he likes to talk about what is rational. But it seems that he has no rationale for rationality. He seems to be one of those who will only have rationalizations about it.

"Most amusing thing about it: he actually thinks he was stopped from commenting here because he was disproving me."

That's because I was. From that absurd interracial marriage argument to your false sort of "equality" arguments. Racial discrimination and sex discrimination are far from comparable, nor is it apparent why anyone should want a sex-blind society in the same sense that a color-blind society is desirable. Forms of sexuality that are clearly not "equal," should not be treated as if they are equal.