Thursday, January 13, 2005


Stickers unconstitutional

Since 2002, science text books in Cobb County have carried disclaimer stickers which state that evolution is a theory, not a fact. A judge ruled today that these stickers must be removed because they are unconstitutional, thanks to a lawsuit brought by parents and - wait for it - the ACLU.
(As reported at WorldMagBlog)

Most of evolutionism is a mythological narrative, not a fact. Generally it is hypothesis, not theory.

Evolutionism has nothing to do with being proto-Nazi, of course not. It's just a happenstance that Darwinists try to rule by oligarchy and force their views on local communities through the judiciary. There is a deep irony in Jefferson's words being so abused, when actually he wanted to protect the right of communities to make their own discriminations. Note that he believed in Intelligent Design, the philosophical basis of the Declaration. In contrast, look at the organicism of Nazism and the worship of Nature, the Blood and the Soil, etc. In the American Republic the Founders purposefully wrote anti-evolutionist and anti-fascist ideas into our founding documents, as their focus was metaphysical instead of physical. So the Republic is based on a belief in elected representation over hereditary leadership, the consent of the governed over monarchy, separation of powers over consolidation and republicanism over democracy.

The foundational belief which laid out the end that government was to be a means to was based on a belief in theistic origins and consequent transcendent self-evident truths. The argument could be made that as the elitists of the Weimar Republic support evolutionism and fascism so do too many of the elites of the American Republic, lawyers, jurists, psychologists, etc. So when you take a case like that before one, the results are not surprising, no matter what the truth is.

(As to the ACLU, a socialist organization, it has this queer habit of protecting pederasts. That is not surprising.)