Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Left2Right, on babies....

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I too would say that the Left should be honest and go ahead and argue what they actually believe instead of the sanitized version.

I.e., argue that babies are like vampiric parasites.

"....pregnancy too involves blood, gore and indeed something like a parasitical relationship. Embryos, fetuses and babies do not neutrally reside in their mothers' bodies, but actively draw from them. seems to me that we treat mothers' bodies especially lightly, as if pregnancy did not suck anyone's blood."

Watch out, it's the invasion of the body snatchers, all those blood sucking babies don't you know.

There are three groups that a certain type of mind will hate, Jews, babies and Christians of the Spirit. I think it has to do with an ancient convenant. But just who is the vampire? Christ gives his own blood for those he loves, I suppose the precise inversion would be to try to steal it or drink it. The way that stories get told and verses written by inversions of Version is always interesting. Then one is left with the Leftist perversions, which I would argue are illustrated at Left2Right on occasion.