Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Something else to think about....

"Seeing Outside the Visual Spectrum

Finally, let us consider some of the hypothetical problems that would be met in attempting to construct a biological high-resolution camera-type eye to “see” in wavelengths outside the visual region of the spectrum. For example, to obtain, with infrared or radio waves, the same degree of resolution as that which can be achieved with the human eye and many other optimized vertebrate camera eyes would require eyes of vastly in creased size, even if a biological detector device could be constructed. To obtain the same resolving power as that of the human eye with, say, radiowaves with a wavelength of 100 centimeters would requirea reflector disc 10 kilometers in diameter. Even far-shorter-frequency radio waves, or microwaves of 1 millimeter wavelength, wouldrequire a lens or disc with a di ameter of 10 meters to equal the resolving power of the human eye."
(Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of
Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe
By Michael J. Denton (The Free Press: 1998) :67)