Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Winning the war.....

Left2Right, on the war...

There is nothing controversial about what he says. One point, he says, "My fondest hopes are that this administration's insistently cheery refrains on the war are all about managing domestic public opinion...."

First, sometimes they have said it is tough or will be tough. But generally, they are balancing the Old Press which despite some early rumblings of support is now pretty much totally against the war. People who are informed know all the negative news and even the spin too, it is almost unavoidable.

An example of some early support from the Old Press as well as the different ways that the press can spin. Different story tellers make for different stories.

I think that the reason Bush, when being negative, only said that there were "miscalculations" with regard to specific things like WMDs is because an increasingly anti-war Old Press would have run headlines like this: "Bush says war a mistake!"

But, "Bush says there were some miscalculations!" does not have the same normative ring to it. In other words, soldiers will not begin to think, "You know, we're really bad dudes here fighting for absolutely nothing. This is the wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am just Evil."

Recall the press conferences where the Old Press was quite intent on, "So, what mistakes have you made?" It was as if they all had the same talking point. They seemed to want a "mistake" to write about, not miscalculations.

On the topic of the war, you can contribute to the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party. I did. And this blog, Iraq is the model, will link you into various Iraqi blogs which are both pro and anti-American. It is part of their own voice, and what they have to say may suprise you. Do not rely on the Old Press to tell you the truth, in any case.