Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A further comment...

...on the one below this.

"Embryos, fetuses and babies do not neutrally reside in their mothers' bodies...."

Isn't it obvious that mothers are the Victims© of their babies? This is the typical framework of any Leftist argument, inane victimization propaganda.

It is easy to deconstruct.

I like one of the comments there by CDC:
"My wife and I are host organisms. One of our little parasites just finished reading "Gone With The Wind". She's ten. The other parasite is starting multi-variable algebra applications. He's eight.

I'm looking forward to bouncing the next generation of this infestation on my knee.

Breast nursing, those dang parasites are just hanging on.

In the end, the Leftist worldview really is disgusting. These are the views of the moral degenerates in the American universities. But watch out in telling them about it like that CDC. They will begin to find excuses to censor and ban you.