Thursday, April 14, 2005


These little fellows banned me and censored away a few of my posts, while answering what they could.
It seems to make the case about proto-Nazism, in the comments. That was the very thing that was at issue, so I think I will use their blog as an example sometimes. Their blog is reminiscent of GLAAD and other organizations based on the methods and modes of Nazi propaganda. I don't write such things to be controversial or some such. It is historically accurate to write and can be proven by comparing each movement and their writings. Come to think of it, I will compare some of their texts here sometime, Nazism and gay activism.

Even on their blog they followed some of the patterns and scripts. They do not censor ignorant and associative arguments using projections of Nazism onto Scripturalists, then to protect them from refutation a victimization script is invented, "He's vandalizing the blog! Hate speech!" or some such, and then the move to ban and censor, etc. It's like that little fellow from "Culture Wars" who didn't seem to know how to fight his war at all. All one can expect from them is some sort of associative argument based on victimization scripts which supposedly justify a move to censorship and the like.

These are the sort of scripts that seem typical to effeminate psychology.

The internet makes it difficult for proto-Nazi censorship and the like these days. I suppose it's all so hard for the Victims.

Ironically he argues, "You fail to substantiate the suggestion that 'modern Gays© seem to get to the 'truth' and define the truth ... by their own sexual desires or orientation.' "

That is easy to substantiate, very easy. It is written in the act of self defining as Gay© to come out and proselytize the identity as a path away from "living a lie" and so to "truth," etc. The thing that such a little fellow will not like is the case being proven with appropriate citations, research and so on where appropriate.

The Hedonist is not like many Scripturalists. They seem much more insecure and so the sweaty little hands of the censor appear quite quickly!

Monday, April 11, 2005

American Universities

On what is wrong with them.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Canadian Leftists...

...having debated them on Usenet for years in the past, it is nice to see some smarmy Liberals brought down. Down!

On with the story,
"A blogger's revelations could bring down Canada's governmentFOR the past week, an unassuming call-centre manager in Minnesota has become a key player in Canadian politics, whipping up a storm that could end in a snap general election. On an internet blog-site dubbed "Captain's Quarters," Ed Morrissey has been posting the explosive details of supposedly secret testimony to a judicial commission in Montreal that is investigating a huge political corruption scandal centred on the ruling Liberal Party.Most of the government-appointed commission's hearings have taken place in public. But Judge John Gomery, its chairman, imposed a publication ban on the testimony of Jean Brault, former head of Groupaction, an advertising agency, as he is to stand trial on fraud charges in June.Sitting on the American side of the Canadian border and thus able to ignore the ban, Captain Ed, as he is known to his friends, has blithely been publishing all the juicy details that the Canadian press has been unable to touch. After the story of his blogging exploits broke in Canada on Monday, the normal traffic on his website increased tenfold as delighted Canadians rushed to log on.

Denouncing the revelations as "very serious", Peter MacKay, deputy leader of the main opposition Conservative Party, has hinted at the possibility of a vote of no confidence leading to the fall of Paul Martin's minority Liberal government and a snap general election—less than a year after the last one.But how accurate are Captain Ed's blog-site accounts? His informant, whom he describes as "a a position to have the information", is thought likely to be a Conservative political operator eager to besmirch Mr Martin and his government with biased reports of the hearings. However, Captain Ed is far from the only source reporting on the closed-door proceedings; he is simply the only one publishing the details. Observers from the Bloc Québécois, New Democrats and Conservatives, as well as journalists covering the inquiry, can also hear what is being said and pass word around. Almost every Canadian now seems to know at least the gist of Mr Brault's testimony. [There are five hundred news stories in the Canadian press about a network of corruption dealing in millions of dollars, with more being written.]

Following the separatists' failure to remove Quebec from Canada in a 1995 referendum, the then Liberal prime minister, Jean Chrétien, set up a government "sponsorship programme" to raise the federal profile and promote national unity in Quebec. Five advertising firms, including Groupaction, with links to the Liberals were allegedly guaranteed a monopoly on government-sponsorship advertising at sporting and cultural events in the province and, as a result, are said to have made huge fortunes from contracts worth around C$250m ($200m).Having denied that he had any part in the award of the contracts, Mr Chrétien is now seeking legal ways to close down the inquiry. This could deal a final blow to Mr Martin, his successor and long-time rival, allowing the Conservatives to claim that his Liberal Party is seeking to conceal all manner of misdeeds. A beleaguered Mr Martin has spent many ugly hours in parliament vowing that he wants all the facts to emerge and any wrongdoers punished....."
(The EconomistApril 9, 2005 U.S. EditionSection: The Americas
HEADLINE: Shivering Mr Martin's timbers; Canada's corruption scandal
HIGHLIGHT: A blogger's revelations could bring down Canada's government)

Many commentators have begun noting that the Liberal Party seemed to have become so arrogant that they believed they could do anything.

One of the things I debated against liberal Canadians and on the side of the conservatives a while back was the Canadian "Ministry of Culture"* blocking Fox News from being received in Canada. Yet they have various things on their Canadian public service type television, including Al-Jahzeera, a broadcast with Islamist tendencies. Note the themes of this story of corruption. It's partly about control of the media. Canadians actually do not have free speech in the same way that Americans do, apparently thanks to some stronger proto-fascist tendencies in modern "liberalism" in the region.

*If that name sounds rather proto-fascist, it probably is, as is corruption in the media.

Iraqi bloggers...

...on April 9th,"I don't think I need to tell you how close is the 9th of April to my heart. And now, after two years happiness is still the same for me; one person among millions who were freed on that great day. The 9th of April had turned one of the darkest pages in our history and opened the door wide before the people and their dreams, just as when the idol was knocked down, fear and oppression were knocked down as well. ...."(Continue reading, from Iraq the Model)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Why call them radical egalitarians?

One modern example of radical egalitarianism, from among the many over the course of history...

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This blog may slow a bit, or it may not. It's mainly for reactions to blogs of the Left and the like. I have some books I want to read, so I may not be reading such blogs as much.

My main blog is here.

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The Judiciary

And blogging...