Thursday, April 14, 2005


These little fellows banned me and censored away a few of my posts, while answering what they could.
It seems to make the case about proto-Nazism, in the comments. That was the very thing that was at issue, so I think I will use their blog as an example sometimes. Their blog is reminiscent of GLAAD and other organizations based on the methods and modes of Nazi propaganda. I don't write such things to be controversial or some such. It is historically accurate to write and can be proven by comparing each movement and their writings. Come to think of it, I will compare some of their texts here sometime, Nazism and gay activism.

Even on their blog they followed some of the patterns and scripts. They do not censor ignorant and associative arguments using projections of Nazism onto Scripturalists, then to protect them from refutation a victimization script is invented, "He's vandalizing the blog! Hate speech!" or some such, and then the move to ban and censor, etc. It's like that little fellow from "Culture Wars" who didn't seem to know how to fight his war at all. All one can expect from them is some sort of associative argument based on victimization scripts which supposedly justify a move to censorship and the like.

These are the sort of scripts that seem typical to effeminate psychology.

The internet makes it difficult for proto-Nazi censorship and the like these days. I suppose it's all so hard for the Victims.

Ironically he argues, "You fail to substantiate the suggestion that 'modern Gays© seem to get to the 'truth' and define the truth ... by their own sexual desires or orientation.' "

That is easy to substantiate, very easy. It is written in the act of self defining as Gay© to come out and proselytize the identity as a path away from "living a lie" and so to "truth," etc. The thing that such a little fellow will not like is the case being proven with appropriate citations, research and so on where appropriate.

The Hedonist is not like many Scripturalists. They seem much more insecure and so the sweaty little hands of the censor appear quite quickly!