Monday, March 21, 2005

The mystical attitude of the social Left toward the Judiciary

"Deconstruction demystifies the liberal faith. . . .exposing its vulnerability to the same critique it makes of more traditional forms of religious faith. The sacred scripture, the Constitution, is indeterminate. The spiritual intermediaries, judges, are tainted by personal bias, and the body of religious literature, constitutional decisions, protects the status quo. . . ."

Compare the attitudes of social Leftists on a current issue that involves the Judiciary.

"If we are going to let her die -- and I'll trust the opinion of the six courts that we should...."
Culture Wars

"Multiple courts have heard testimony...."

So he goes along with them.

In contrast to such bowing and scraping before the blessed Judiciary,
"Congress is engaged in shameless grandstanding...."

And supposedly they contradict themselves because they complain of the Judiciary overstepping itself more and more....
"....yet here they are frantically trying to get the federal courts to intervene where they have no authority."

Wrong, how silly that is.

Here one sees just how a mystic pseudo-religious belief in the gnostic power of the Judiciary can blind a social Leftist. This was the same sort of issue with Scalia and a failure to understand Scalia's challenge to the liberal faith. It's quite simple, the legislature is that which gives the federal judiciary the power it has, the power to intervene.

In contrast, according to what seems to be some modern form of mystical gnosticism, the Courts can give themselves power whenever they feel like emitting a penumbra or two. That type of liberal faith based on judicial diktat seems to be why the social Leftist does not understand much more than, "The Courts say, so I obey!"

The liberal faith is in need of deconstruction.

Side note, same site:
"If you want to take the position that as long as the parents are willing to take on the responsibility of her care, there's no harm in allowing her to stay on the machines..."

She is not "...on the machines." Sheesh, that little fellow seems to understand everything by a combination of "...the courts, the courts!" and his own personal experience. So if his family had to pull a comatose body off of life support then most every case is just like that one. If he knew a nice Gay© , then SSM ought to be legal. It seems if you mix in "...the courts, the courts!" with his personal experience, that's pretty much all he has to say.