Friday, March 25, 2005


Same place that brought you the parasitic vampire babies.

"....pregnancy too involves blood, gore and indeed something like a parasitical relationship. Embryos, fetuses and babies do not neutrally reside in their mothers' bodies, but actively draw from them. seems to me that we treat mothers' bodies especially lightly, as if pregnancy did not suck anyone's blood."(Link)

Now they are reconciling other difficulties in dealing with babies, those little suckers! Mothers, they may vant to drink your milk too!

Onward and upward,
". . . Prenatal injury raises issues quite different from those raised by abortion because nothing about the morality of inflicting prenatal injury hinges on the controversial matter of the moral status of the fetus. This is because the real victim of prenatal injury is not the fetus but the person into whom the fetus, if it survives, will develop." (Link)

They are "real victims" but aborted babies are fake victims, I suppose. The thing to remember about liberals and their victimization scripts is this, they are always working to define their Victims.

Say there was a gay gene (or if more people figured out the strong association between intersexuality and homosexuality, duh!) and people began to practice selected abortions against Gays© in the womb because they didn't want Gay© (Many do not, based on no hope of a heritage of grandkids, gay problems, etc.). In that case, I suspect that liberals would contort themselves in various contradictions to argue that such abortions are wrong because Gay© fits their victimization scripts.

Gay© = Victim

Most liberals have been taught that very well, and conditioned some too. So they will have their feelings about it.

In contrast, the average baby that is aborted seems to have no place in the victimization scripts that liberals believe in.