Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gaza PRESSure: IDF spokesperson explains media center rocket attack

RT office in Gaza destroyed by Israeli airstrike

Monday, November 19, 2012


I don't mean fascism as a stigma word.  In some sense, the current orders are already fascist or corporate syndicates (I.e. "special interests" big enough to take advantage of paper ponzi and political corruption.) so maybe fascism is just a fulfillment of currents that are already flowing in the minds of men and their currencies. 

After all, the Aryan cult of the body and nudists wandering around naked in the countryside trying to get back to nature or "racial hygiene" in their nation and so on didn't spring out of nothing in the Weimar Republic.  It flowed naturally out of the corruption of the church combined with socialist and "scientific" movements in the bowels of the body politic that there to be let lose by the destruction of their economic language.  So it may be that we have yet to see what men currently changing the structures of their brains within a paradigm of digital ponzi by overstimulating them with porn and virtual war games look like in reality

People keep saying that media doesn't matter, as they blow their advertizing budgets to buy the best techniques to manipulate psychological dynamics that they can afford.  Of course it matters.  There's even scientific evidence that it may become matter, which would explain why insider information on the "media matrix" has always been controlled by magicians or priests of knowledge closer to the top.

Meanwhile...  a suggestion for news reality shows... Dancing in the Mid East  with Kim Kardashian as the star or maybe Stars Earn Stripes with defense contractors as the corporate sponsors. 

Here we are now, entertain us...