Friday, January 14, 2005

Over at Left2Right, David Velleman writes....

....about the sissification of the Left, to coin a word. This issue is probably very near and dear to his heart, you see. He has the sweaty little hands of a censor, especially on this issue. But he likes to talk about it anyway. As far as I can see, he does not allow for comments on this post of his. Most likely, the "virtue" of being a sissy is taken as some sort of self-evident truth with this little fellow.

In the end, he says, "My point (do I need to have a point?) is that much of the talk about "moral values" may in fact be about values that aren't moral at all—values embodied in different images of masculinity."

VIRtue is not very VIRile for this little fellow, you see. He does not have a point. He does not feel he needs one. And if he did have a lil' point, it would not be a very pointy point. For the unsafety of that! (Yes, you need to have a point.)

So why would a lie about the Yin and the Yang, i.e. effeminacy, be taken to be some sort of self evident truth, evident in the Self? It depends on what is evident in the Self. David Velleman, who censors, bans and threatens like some effeminate proto-Nazi takes effeminacy to be "virtuous."

As if it is possible to remove virility from virtue.

The Founding Fathers, on virtue:
"Will you tell me how to prevent luxury from producing effeminacy, intoxication, extravagance, vice and folly? .....I believe no effort in favor of virtue is lost."
--John Adams

They often said things like that. What is effeminacy, intoxication, extravagance, vice and folly? Some people call it the "gay lifestyle."

Take a further look at it, the philosophy of the Founders, was it right?

John Adams,
"Will you tell me how to prevent luxury from producing effeminacy....."

"Most sissies will grow up to be homosexuals,and most gay men were sissies as children...Despite the provocative and politically incorrect nature of that statement, it fits the evidence. In fact, it may be the most consistent, well-documented, and significant finding in the entire field of sexual orientation research and perhaps in all of human psychology."
(Queer Science
By Simon LeVay
(The MITPress: 1996) :166)

Some reports indicate that 46% to 64% of boys with untreated gender identity disorders develope homosexual or bisexual orientation during their adolescence.
(Davenport CW: A follow-up study of 10 feminine boys
Arch Sex Behavior. 15: 511, 1986.)
(Green R: The "sissy boy syndrome" and the development of homosexuality, New Haven. Conn. 1987, Yale University Press.)
(Zucker K.J: Cross-gender-identified children. In Steiner BW, editor Gender dysphoria: development, research, management New York,1985, Plenum Press.)
(Zuger B: Early effeminate behavior in boys: outcome and significance for homosexuality, J Nerv Ment Dis 172: 90, 1984.)
(Zuger B: Is early effeminate behavior in boys early homosexuality? Comp. Psychiatry 29: 509, 1988)

I can no doubt update this research. It is a basic pattern.

John Adams,

"Model I, Onset of Behaviors Before Age 13, showed use of cocaine before age 13 years as strongly associatedwith GLB orientation (odds ratio [OR]: 6.10; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 2.45-15.20). Early initiation of sexual intercourse (2.15; 10.6-4.38), marijuana use (1.98; 1.04 4.09), and alcohol use (1.82; 1.03-3.23) also was associated with GLB orientation. ModelII, Lifetime Frequencies of Behaviors, showed that frequency of crack cocaine use (1.38; 1.06-1.79), inhalant use(1.30; 1.05-1.61), and number of sexual partners(1.27; 1.06-1.43) was associated with GLB orientation. Model III, Frequency of Recent Behaviors, showed smokeless tobacco use in the past 30 days (1.38;1.20-1.59) and number of sexual partners in the previous 3 months (1.47; 1.31-1.65) were associated with GLB orientation.

......Overall, GLB respondents engaged disproportionately in multiple risk behaviors, reporting an increased mean number of risk behaviors (mean =6.81 +/- 4.49) compared with the overall student population (mean = 3.45 +/- 3.15)."
(American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatrics 1998; 101: 895-902
May, 1998
The Association Between Health Risk Behaviors and Sexual Orientation Among a School-based Sample of Adolescents
By Robert Garofalo, MD.R. Cameron Wolf, MS; Shari Kessel, ScB; Judith Palfrey, MD and Robert H. DuRant, PhD)

John Adams,
....extravagance, vice and folly?"

"Only substance abuse and AIDS adversely affect more gay men, making domestic violence the third largest health problem facing gay men today."

"Gays and lesbians are more likely to be victims of domestic violence than anti-gay violence, according to a survey made public yesterday by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs."
(The Gazette (Montreal) October 23, 1996,
Wednesday,Final Edition. News; Pg. F10
Gay domestic violence; Study documents
abuse in homosexual relationships
Byline: Vicki Haddock)

"Battering is also a problem among gay couples: the National Coalition on Domestic Violence estimates that almost one in three same-sex relationships are abusive, seemingly more than among heterosexual couples."
(Newsweek October 4, 1993 , U.S. Edition
Special Report; Pg. 26 Patterns of Abuse
Byline: By Michele Ingrassia et al.)

"Most recent violent crimes involving gays and lesbians were committed by other homosexuals....said Michelle Lamoureux...We realized that there is a lot of conjugal violence and violence within the gay community.'"
(The Gazette (Montreal) April 4, 1996,
News; In Brief; Pg. A3
Pilot project tracking violence against gays)

Religious hedonists never have had much use for each other, only more abuse for each other. It is ironic, in Canada they set up organizations to prevent all the "hatred" and violence against gays that an intolerant society supposedly supplies, yet it turned out that their phone lines filled with gays beaten and sodomized by gays.

Note,"Broude (Broude, G. 1981. The Cultural Management of Sexuality. Ref. 279. :633-73) concludes that child training can have a profound effect on adult sexual orientation."
(The Cross-Cultural Study of Human Sexuality
Annual Review of Anthropology,Vol. 16, 1987,
By D. L. Davis and R. G. Whitten :98)

Why would a culture want more "being gay." It seems not so gay.

Religious hedonists seem blind to the pattern of abuse, but when you go around self defining by your own feelings and saying that they define ethics and morality for you, sometimes you might feel like beating someone. Then, you may beat someone because, in that moment, you feel like it and your feelings define what is true for you. (Not to mention, defining who you are. "This is who I am.")

There are deep problems with the whole gay identity and the gay philosophy it is based on. Actually, like Socrates said, being ruled by and defined by your appetites makes you a slave. Some people try to revel in bondage and Sadean philosophy, as if it is not what it is.....yet, they still seem to sense that they are becoming dead in the head as they do so.

What a gay life that is, though. If you make it through the pattern of addiction, sodomy, STDs, HIV, etc., you may do so only to come to the brutality of gay philosophy.

"My point (do I need to have a point?) is that much of the talk about "moral values" may in fact be about values that aren't moral at all...."

Ridiculous....I am aware that I did not answer all the points he tried to make and examples he cited. But the thing is, he does not have a point.